A couple nights ago, I was at a bar in midtown when I met a woman named Katie. Katie was having a bad day, but she was determined to make the best of it. I initially approached her because I thought, for a moment, she was someone else. After a polite exchange, she asked me about myself- what made me tick, proud, excited?

Without hesitation I deflected to “my old website- it’s defunct now though.”

It took less than 30 seconds for her to successfully prove she was internet savvy and show me that “aha- there it is… not YOUR dot com, but it’s still there! Now tell me- what did you love so much about this site that you abandoned and why did you do it?”

“First of all, I just loved to write! This site gave me the opportunity to meet and work with all these amazing people who did all sorts of cool things.”

She looked skeptical “and you stopped… why?”

“Well, I started working at a marketing agency and I couldn’t even find the time to sleep let alone keep up with it.” This was true, and even over the next couple of years, I tried a new hosting site, website name… you name it, but the task of completely starting from scratch and creating a whole new reach just defeated me every time.

We scrolled through a few of my posts, and I found moments I had completely forgotten about-  like a private MACY’s event where I met Max Irons in a surprising moment of vulnerability, or my Diva on a Dime series I started with opera singers about their travels.

I guess that was the problem with trying to change- to appease what I thought others might want out of a website instead focusing on why mine was so successful for me at the time. I’ve been fortunate enough to recently reconnect with several people who I left off with right at that point who all pointed to my tenacity and ability to make people want to work with me. While self-serving, I also offered a service. I was often an entertainer’s or even business’s first interview, and to see those people grow and to read legitimate magazine articles about people, and companies you’ve believed in all along is awesome.

So here we are again… 4 years later, I hope you bear with me while I figure out the right look, cadence, and name of this thing.