THOUGHTS: I was very excited to try this particular location out, and had some great assistance from membership consultant Kevin Cullen in exploring the vastness that is The Sports Club/ LA, Upper East Side. I think its possible to say that although this gym has everything you could possibly need, it might be a little too big for me. I mean this location has a legitimate full bar for goodness sakes. I must say however that this gym offers so much that if I were to, say, actually join, I might actually take up rock climbing.



Equipment (* * * * * Five Stars) This gym has pretty much anything you could possibly need in abundance.


Staff (* * Two Stars) This is simply another case where I had an amazing membership consultant give me a great impression of the club before I  encountered some of the other employees. One such case was when I went to swim laps in the pool. The sign clearly states you only have to wear a swim cap if you have shoulder length hair. I walked to the pool and the “life guard” shouted “hey you need a cap,” I said “alright, but the sign says you only need to wear one if you have shoulder length hair” he shrugged his shoulders, pointed at some swim caps and said “you need a cap.” He then fell asleep for the entirety of my hour long swim.


Cleanliness (* * * Three Stars) I’m never a fan of carpeted locker rooms where wet bodies drip various fluids on the floor. I don’t believe any amount of vacuuming or sanitizing can rid a carpet of the daily abuses of a men’s locker room. Also- waaay too many towels on the ground in the steam room.



Amenities (* * * * Four Stars) The roof deck makes up for the outdated sauna and steam room towel mess.


OVERALL RATING ( * * * 1/4  stars) 

Who is  The Sports Club/ LA for? Anyone who thinks a gin and tonic is a great pre-workout drink.