THOUGHTS: This is the gym that initially gave me the inspiration to write this string of reviews and comparisons. I received a 2 week pass to CLAY inside an event gift bag and managed to score another for my friend Madeleine Phillips. Let me just say that my trial was utter paradise. With the club’s membership cap, it was never crowded which meant one very important thing to me- I could try out new activities without feeling like I was being watched with judgement by some douche bag jock. In other words- places like this are why I can actually squat 250+ lbs now.

Equipment (* * * * * Five Stars) Besides various Equinox locations, this is one of the only gyms I’ve been to that has a  Power Plate , and the only place that I’ve experienced a Jacob’s Ladder. This place also has awesome cardio and strength training equipment.

Staff (* * * * * Five Stars) Not only are the front desk and membership reps at this location rock stars, but so are the cafe workers. I looked forward to see every employee of this gym.

Cleanliness (***** Five Stars) This place is so incredibly immaculate you might be afraid to sweat on the equipment, but don’t let that stop you from giving 100%.

Amenities (* * * * * Five Stars) I would have given this place 4 stars for the lack of a steam room, but Clay more than makes up for it with an array of personal (yes you heard me PERSONAL) saunas for you to relax all by yourself or with a friend. The gym also has several conspicuously placed refrigerators filled with refreshing eucalyptus towels and a relaxation room with iced water for you to enjoy.

OVERALL RATING (* * * * * Five Stars)

Who CLAY is for? Anyone with a $200 monthly budget (I know) and within a short distance of 25 West 14th Street. If you live in the area, and have the dough- this place could literally be your second home and zen getaway.