My first Saturday back in New York City proved to be a very busy one. I woke up early on June 2nd to visit my friend, designer Smith Sinrod of bySMITH Collection as she prepped for a photo shoot of her upcoming fall line. Like I said, I had a very busy Saturday and had an engagement lunch to attend, so I was unable to stay for the actual photo shoot, so instead I decided to share some behind the scenes photos of Smith and her team.


bySMITH Collection

DEX New York Cosmetics

Mimi Corwin Stylist

Designer Smith Sinrod and Stylist extraordinaire Mimi Corwin match Smith’s threads with some stylish steps pre-shoot
CEO Founder of DEX New York Cosmetics works his magic for the shoot.
Decisions Decisions!
America Runs on Dunkin’… and so does Smith 😉
My failed attempt at being somewhat artsy