Last weekend, I had the delightful chance of scoring passes to the 2012 Vimeo Awards Party. I was excited to find out that the event was going to be held in the Frank Gehry-designed IAC Building on West 18th Street. Mostly because I always wanted an excuse to go inside.

Below is a list (AND LINKS) of this year’s winners, and a couple pictures from the after party event.

Me with props artist Josh Hackett

2012 Vimeo Awards: category winners

  1. Action Sports: Dark Side of the Lens by Astray Films
  2. Advertising: K-Swiss Kenny Powers – MFCEO by Caviar
  3. Animation: Umbra by Malcolm Sutherland
  4. Captured: Sweatshoppe Video Painting Europe by Sweatshoppe
  5. Documentary: Amar (All Great Achievements Require Time) by Pilgrim Films
  6. Experimental: Prie Dieu by Cokau
  7. Fashion: Skirt by Academy Plus (A+)
  8. Lyrical: Symmetry by Everynone
  9. Motion Graphics: A History of the Title Sequence by Jurjen Versteeg
  10. Music Video: Manchester Orchestra: Simple Math by Daniels
  11. Narrative: BLINKY™ by Ruairi Robinson
  12. Series: Often Awesome The Series by All Aces Media
  13. Remix: Rear Window Timelapse by Jeff Desom

2012 Vimeo Honorary Awards

  1. The Honorary Award for New Creators went to directing duo Daniel Scheinhart and Daniel Kwan, collectively known as DANIELS, for their outstanding work over the last 18 months.
  2. The Honorary Award for Social Change was awarded to worldwide collaborative project One Day On Earth.
  3. The Honorary Award for Digital Maverick was awarded to openFrameworks, an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding.
With former fellow band geek, Lillian O’Connor. I’m really into the lighting in these photos for some reason…