Over the past two days, I’ve heard and seen countless remarks about Madonna’s performance, and how a “tired 53-year-old” shouldn’t be presenting themselves in such a way. My question is… what else do you expect from Madonna except that she’ll always push our buttons? Personally, I find it disgusting that while no one bats an eye when twenty somethings  swoon over the questionable sex appeal of 63-year-old Steven Tyler on American Idol, we seem to have a collective aneurism when it comes to the actions of empowered women.

The point I’m trying to make is this. Madonna, whether you like her or not doesn’t care about making you feel comfortable while watching her perform. Her goal has always been to excite and be daring. We are talking about the woman who provided us with a sex book and the nearly pornographic “Justify My Love” video. And lets be honest, how many of you twenty some year olds can manage dancing in spiked heels and then get flipped back and forth in every possible direction all while maintaining a perfect extension? Exactly…

Again, if you’re offended now by the things Madonna says or does on stage, you’re about three decades late to the party.