“Hey You! Great Gatsby!” yelled Charlotte as Chef  Ryan Sharp and I chased the busty waitress down 58th Street.

My friend Ryan and I were catching up outside one of our favorite bars when we came across this blonde Irish woman named Charlotte who, after telling us she had “quit her sorry job today”, whisked us away with her charismatic speech and lofty promises of an amazing evening just down the street at a bar called “Sin Bin”. In reality it was just an Irish Pub with the same old rugby fans cheering on their team, the only difference was that this bar was heavily clad in Halloween decor.

“What?” asked Ryan who was trying to make the connection between the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel and this short Irish woman now drunkenly running across the street.

“I have no idea…” I replied confused.

“Aye!” said Charlotte “I mean that , hmm…” She scratched her head for a second after realizing we weren’t privy to her thought process.  “Well I always see this man around the city, and for some reason or another I thought of him just now. We had a conversation once when he was feeling sorry for himself, and I relayed to him why I find the first chapter of ‘The Great Gatsby’ to be the best-written words in all literature.” The pint-sized woman stopped her haste and conversation while she  lit a cigarette. Ryan and I listened.

“This poor man was just so negative I had to tell him my favorite line lads.” She crinkled her nose with her hand on her hip while staring  upward to recall the quote verbatim. “Whenever you feel like criticizing any one… just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages you’ve had.” She started her jogging pace again while she told us, “Those words have always gotten me by because… its true! No matter how hard things are, there is always going to be someone else out there, without a roof over their head, a meal to eat or a drink to have… so boys, let’s go have us a pint!”

Another NYC lesson learned.