Bathtub Gin's Logo

Last Monday, I was walking down 9th avenue towards Chelsea Market to visit Smith Sinrod and Stephanie Cercone at bySMITH Collection’s trunk show when I realized that my energy was in need of a boost. I was desperately looking for a coffee shop when I saw Stone Street Coffee Company between 18th and 19th Street. I stopped in for a quick espresso when, after about two minutes, a woman came in and pulled at the back wall to reveal a hidden door, and slipped in.

Exterior of Stone Street Coffee: aka Bathtub Gin- photo taken from
Bathtub Gin's logo visible in the coffee shop window- photo taken from

Confused, I looked at the barista when he giggled. “Oh we’re two different establishments here bud.” He explained that in the back was Bathtub Gin, a speakeasy style bar that featured a variety of cocktails prepared by the resident mixologist. Excited about the place, I promised to come.

interior of Bathtub Gin: taken from

Last night, I was finally able to pay Bathtub Gin a proper visit when I stopped by the 20’s themed establishment with my friend Ken. When we arrived, we pulled at the wall and walked into a lush setting that reminded me of Woody Allen‘s Midnight in Paris. We passed a huge copper bathtub before taking our seats in the joint’s plush furniture.


We were greeted by a friendly waitress who was able to effectively explain a variety of the mixologist’s creations. A gin fan myself, I ordered the Bathtub Gin Martini and was rewarded with the smoothest martini I have ever tasted. Aside from unmatched ambiance, Bathtub Gin also offers an array of wonderful, sharable treats. You can even make smores right at your table. The water closets in the back all share a common hand washing array where water spouts into miniature bathtubs.

Bathtub Gin's hand baths: photo taken from

You know you’ve found a great new hangout when you leave excited to come back again. Bathtub Gin is open from 5pm-2am Sunday thru Wednesday and closes at 4am from Thursday thru Sunday. For reservations cal 646-559-1671.