Patrick Siegel

It is no secret that I love food and wine, and it is perhaps the fault of my next guest for expanding my own palate exponentially. I asked Patrick Siegel to share in his own words, his favorite wine and food pairings and ways that you can create a substantial experience in your own kitchen- without spending an arm and a leg for a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon. You can find this lovable man at the Meatpacking District’s Gansevoort Hotel acting as rooftop manager for the popular NYC hotspot PLUNGE. 

Memorable wine and food pairings:
I have been very blessed to have had many stunning food and wine pairings in my life so far, mostly due to other people being generous enough to let me try them. Some highlights: A 1990 Chateau Latour with baby lamb chops, various vintages of Chateau d’Yquem with foie gras in various preparations, but the most recent one that stands out, was at Fux Bar + Restaurant + Kultur in Lech, Austria, a place I worked at as Sommelier  for 2 winter seasons. I had a 1996 Dom Perignon with a selection of Maki & Nigiri Sushi. The delicate sweetness in the champagne and the delicate, slightly oily texture of the fish were a heavenly combination. The acidity in this very fresh and youthful champagne was the ultimate pairing with the raw fish.

In general I must say, I think that people over think when pairing food & wine at home. My opinion: whatever you like works. If you love cabernet, and you love trout, drink cabernet with your trout! There are certainly better wines to complement your dinner, but at the end all that matters is that YOU enjoy it. So don’t let anybody tell you any different. Some things you can hardly ever go wrong with are chianti with hearty pasta dishes (think meat sauce) or Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand with light salad dishes. my favorite wine pairing in the summer is a bottle of German riesling, paired with a glass and an afternoon off on some porch outside.

When shopping for those wines, stay away from anything under $6 and over $15. in that range you will find surprising deals (especially at Trader Joes, best cheap wine selection I have encountered). If you go under $6 just remember: this wine is cheap for a reason. No need to save 2 dollars on wine and then spend an extra 10 on aspirin the next day.