The original definition of philanthropy was simple; “The love of humanity”. Plato himself believed that without philanthropia, or this love of humanity, one could not reach the fullest development of mind, body and spirit.With that said, I’d like to shift your attention to modern day NYC.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to co-host Conspire To Inspire’s next networking event taking place this coming Saturday, July 16, 2011  from 6-9pm at the White Rabbit. So what exactly does philanthropy have to do with a party on Houston Street? Well… everything!

Conspire To Inspire is a monthly networking event and umbrella organization dedicated to bringing together the best of the entertainment, fashion, music, art, technology and non-profit sectors. Each month, the organization chooses a different charity to benefit ,all while bringing together some of the most creative people in New York City.

This month’s event will be benefiting Engadi Ministries, an organization dedicated to end the cycle of death and violence in Guatemala City where, by the age of 13, the average male has already joined a gang. This organization has already changed numerous lives and can continue doing so with the help of people like you coming to events like this.

Did I mention the event is also a wonderful networking opportunity? That’s right, not only will you be benefitting this wonderful cause, but you’ll also meet other talented and creative people who may just be your future collaborators.

In addition to fantastic drink specials and FREE ENTRY, Conspire To Inspire will also be raffling away some great prizes you’ll definitely love! With just four days to go, I hope you now have new weekend plans where you too can conspire to inspire.

If you would like to learn more about the organization, please visit Also, don’t forget to RSVP on Conspire To Inspire’s Facebook event page by clicking here.