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Trinidad & Tobago born Dexter Phillip has been making his beauty mark on New York City since the tender age of five. Using the unique and vibrant city of New York as his inspiration, Dexter Phillip has created a unique urban palate all his own with DEX New York Cosmetics.

For this interview I decided what better way to learn about an artist’s craft than by watching him work? I asked soprano Courtney Mills to act as a human canvas for the interview as DEX demonstrated his craft.

I was interested to know how a boy from the British West Indies came to be a purveyor of high quality, high definition mineral makeup. “When I was a makeup artist, I always felt so bad for the models at runway shows who had this stuff caked on their faces that was awful for their skin.”  He explained that the models would often have problems like acne and rashes on their skin caused by cosmetics.

DEX New York, located at 65th and Madison Ave

Regular makeup can contain numerous harmful parabens that don’t just clog your pores, but have recently been linked to health defects such as cancer.  Unlike regular mineral makeup that may contain shiny Mica or Bismuth Oxychloride (so dehydrating) as a base, DEX’s makeup contains a unique peptide complex at it’s core, blended with 24k colloidal gold to allow for efficient penetration to deliver long-lasting coverage.

I watched as he smoothed Courtney’s face with his Mineral Tinted Hydrator “and this is wonderful because not only does it give excellent coverage, but it also has an SPF of 20.”

I quickly realized that DEX was a master of multi-tasking as he added “I wanted a product that would not only be beneficial for the skin, but could also be used on the runway and photo shoots… and now I’m using High Line Metallic Blue as your eye shadow base.”  I found it interesting that DEX, while a mineral makeup company, offered such a wide range of vibrant colors whose pigments showed up so vibrantly on the skin. I guess that’s why it’s “DEX Modern Minerals!”

“I always say that healthy doesn’t have to be boring” explained DEX “it’s sort of like going on a diet; you want your food to taste good. You shouldn’t feel boring after you’ve put on your makeup… and what I’m doing now” said DEX as he turned my attention to his careful application of Courtney’s eye makeup, “I’m applying Wall Street Onyx to her outer lid, this will also act as the eyeliner.” After Courtney gently closed her eyes, DEX’s Wall Street Onyx transferred perfectly to line her lower lids.

“I didn’t want to compromise glamour in my line” said DEX while he blended the apples of Courtney’s cheeks with a  Mineral Pressed Blush: Nolita Roman Mauve. After working so long in the fashion industry, it was important for DEX to not only have a mineral makeup that was beneficial, but was also fun. I quipped that his makeup was made out of the stuff you wish MAC was made out of, yet did everything that you wish Bare Minerals did. I continued to watch as he completed Courtney’s look with his Mineral Pressed Bronzer: Jones Beach Ultra, and Christopher Street Orchid lip gloss. 

Courtney Mills

And what is DEX excited about next? “Mineral Re-Touch!” he exclaimed “it’s a new customized concealer and foundation.” Soon to be available, this product is the perfect finishing touch for your look “… it’s the perfect skin corrector and photographs really well!”

All of DEX’s foundations are SPF 15, and as I mentioned above, the Tinted Hydrator is SPF20. Along with procuring a set of nice makeup brushes, DEX highly recommends the Beauty Blender. Available at Sephora, this handy tool can help you achieve the best look possible.

In addition to a wonderful array of vibrant eyeshadows, soothing hydrators and dazzling lip glosses, DEX New York Cosmetics also offers a wonderful sunless tanner. Body Glow sunless tanner is a DHA- based mist that goes on evenly by spraying your face body at arms length- no need to rub. The main ingredient, dihydroxyacetone can be found in sugar beets and sugar cane. DEX Body Glow is a rumored favorite of Carrie Underwood who’s 2009 Grammy Award-Winning look was made complete with DEX’s own City Center Brass eyeshadow.