Last night I met up with my friend Vanessa who invited me to a monthly party at the Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We both showed up not knowing what to expect and walked in on what seemed like a bad MDMA trip, only we were completely sober.

It didn’t take long to realize, after examining the random mix of party dresses, skinny jeans, Toms footwear and plaid mixed with the occasional waft of putrid body smells, that this was clearly somewhat of a hipster hang out. We found ourselves in a mix of people “expressing themselves” and fondling the speakers while a DJ performed in front of a large LD screen which played what seemed to be a manifestation of the infamous Willy Wonka tunnel scene.

After examining what was open at the museum, and after realizing the party only offered Heineken and Amstel Light, Vanessa and I decided to go ahead and partake in the festivities at the makeshift dance floor. For a good hour we let go of our inhibitions as uptight New Yorkers and just danced. We jumped with the crowd, went through a human tunnel and almost ALMOST joined a dance contest. We realized that we happened upon pure joy last night and are somehow better for it. So thank you One Step Beyond, I promise not to wear a suit next time.