The other night I decided to order some Chinese delivery from one of my formerly favorite websites When I placed the order via their convenient online form, I was notified that I had entered the wrong information and to please try again. Thinking I had just put in the wrong credit card number, I tried again. The same thing happened, so I tried a third time before giving up and just calling the restaurant.

After satisfying my craving for fried rice, dumplings and egg rolls, I checked my account online only to discover that grub hub had charged me four times for my meal. Mind you I had chosen to include my tip on my online order form, so I was charged $80 for one meal. Annoyed at the inconvenience, I contacted Grub Hub and although they apologized, they simply said it was my fault and that I would have to wait 3-5 business days for the money to reappear in my account. I would like to point out that my entire form was in fact correct, and it seems that although I have ordered through the site many times before I confused the system this particular time with my out of state billing zip code. So needless to say, I will not be using Grub Hub anymore and will focus on saving the numbers of my favorite neighborhood restaurants for the next time I choose to order delivery.