In the opening scene of Amelie, a narrator explains that Audrey Tautou‘s character takes great pleasure in the the small pleasures life has to offer. We see Amelie skipping rocks in a canal, spying on a mysterious neighbor, and doing one of my favorite things… cracking the top of a crème brûlée with a teaspoon. Due to serendipitous events, Amelie finds herself helping others around her by doing, not so small things and, eventually finds herself in the beginnings of a relationship. While I can appreciate sending traveling gnome around the world to aid one of my parents, such a situation has not yet presented itself- so I decided to compose a list of my own small pleasures to hopefully give you a better sense of who I am.

1. Making a morning cup of coffee.

2. Walking up Broadway while listening to La Traviata… it takes me 40 blocks to get through act I.

3. Squeezing a slice of lime into a gin and tonic.

4. Meeting new people.

5. Walking around aimlessly by myself upon a first visit to a new city.

6. British Television.

7. Updating this blog.

8. Spreading cream cheese on a bagel.

9. Unwrapping a tamale to find that it can easily slide out of the husk- this hints that the masa is pretty darn perfect.

10. Singing at piano bars- totally low pressure. I aim at singing for my gin 😉

11. Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt

12. Ben and Jerry’s

13. Going to Sephora and trying dozens of overpriced products before going out for the evening.

14. Phone calls home.

15. Meeting new people in different cities who seem to have 20 mutual friends with me (this actually happens a lot).

16. Downton Abbey– you HAVE to check this British Masterpiece Classic out!

17. Receiving random recordings of pop and show tunes done by my friend Matt Anchel… this can really liven up my week.

18. Watching the sunset from Stravinsky Terrace at the Santa Fe Opera.

19. Going to see dress rehearsals at an opera house… strangely exciting for me.

20. Endless cups of diner coffee with friends that prolong good times until the early morning.

21. British Accents

22. Going to the movies alone

23. Hummus

24. Laughing… LOUDLY

25. Mi Familia