With all the bad weather we’ve been having lately I’ve found myself battling with juxtaposing personalities. No I’m not talking about a manic episode, but rather that lately I’ve found myself uncharacteristically choosing to stay in on weekends and evenings just to avoid battling the weather.

Now, like any self-respecting person who realizes they are losing touch with society, I called up my good friend Whitney (my Into the Woods cast mate from the Alas, Alak Alaska post), hopped in a cab and joined her for a late night dinner date at one of our favorite restaurants, Bar Luna.

After being seated by a rude waitress who told us that drink specials didn’t exist at Bar Luna (on the contrary, Whitney, and several of our friends enjoyed their two for one sangria special this summer), we sat ignored for about fifteen minutes while she tended to other, more mature looking patrons. When we finally got her attention, we were able to order my favorite cheese plate in the city. Their  tete-de-moine is truly one of my favorite things and the Bar Luna Burger is comparable to, dare I say, THE 5 Napkin Burger. Really, it is just as delicious, and perhaps less fattening by sheer virtue of size.

Overall our late date night out was fantastic and finished perfectly with a pint of the Ben and Jerry’s John Lennon themed “Imagine Whirled Peace” ice cream in bed while we watched… you guessed it, the first 2 episodes of the original UK Skins. Hey, I had to get someone else hooked on this show AND caught up with me… I’m currently almost finished with the 3rd season 😉

Peace, Love and Ice Cream-