Pictured above, the Sator square’s origins date back to approximately 79 AD. The Latin words, which spell out in palindrome from all sides, are defined as follows;

Sator- sower, farmer, originator… of divine origin

Arepo- likely an invented proper name whose meaning is to stealthily advance

Tenet- to hold, keep or preserve; master

Opera- literally to work

Rotas- to rotate… as a wheel would.

When read as a sentence, the Rotas square seems to say something along the lines of “the farmer Arepo keeps a work of rotation”, referencing possibly the circle of life and an implication that a life full of good works are held by God. Anyways, this isn’t meant to be one of those meaning of life posts, but simply a desire to share something thought provoking and profound that one of my teachers shared in one of my classes today. Below is another spelling of the Sator square, if you wish… copy it, share it and read more about it. Have a great day!