Why is it that I find British TV’s The Secret Diary of a Call Girl to be the most relatable show on television? No, I definitely do not share professions with Belle, nor am I planning to. In fact, I wish had some sort of job to alleviate my impending doom of student loan repayment. Mind you, I have just under two years to find a job that will allow me to pay the approximate $600-800 a month in loan fees, $1,000 or so for NYC rent, and not to mention everything else that comes with being alive,  e.g., health insurance, phone bills, internet, the occasional subscription to do-it-yourself/ self help magazines…. ok now maybe that’s just me, but still!

I admire Brooke Magnanti: the real author of the famous weblog Belle de Jour which inspired three books and The Secret Diary of a Call Girl television series for many reasons. Here was a woman who literally took life by the bollocks. Dr. Magnanti (yes she has a Ph. D.), now works at Bristol University using forensic science to research the effects of pesticides in children. Now why would such a smart woman resort to such seemingly disgusting means to exploit herself? Well, as she has said in many previous interviews, she blew her savings and needed to make enough money to support herself while preparing for the viva examination. The result was three or so evenings out of the week working as an “escort”, a weblog read by millions and a secret to carry for nearly a decade as she started her post-Belle life.

Dr. Brooke Magnanti a.k.a. former call girl and weblog phenomenon Belle de Jour

What I guess I’m really trying to say is that although I don’t intend to moonlight as a gay prostitute anytime soon, and boy have I been confused for one (we’ll talk about that one soon), I do plan on finding some type of unconventional employment soon so I can actually stay in this horridly expensive city when I do graduate in just over a year. And who knows, maybe we’ll be reading about a beau de jour by then 😉