It seems that I am now starting to frequent the Illinois Bar and Grill at Chicago’s Midway Airport more often than some of my favorite restaurants in New Mexico. I am now 30,000 feet in the air and instead of sitting in front of amusing college students, I have the unfortunate experience of being kicked in the back by a fussy child… at least I think the terrible two year old is directly behind me. Anyhow, I promise not to waste this post by venting about a toddler who is probably just afflicted by a case of ear pain from the cabin pressure. Instead, I want to talk about random celebrities for once. Why you ask? Well, we finally got that turbulence I told you we were expecting, and I REALLY want to get my mind off of it.

I spent the other night doing one of my favorite things, surfing Youtube. While spending hours of aimless video surfing, I came across some videos of The Real Housewives of New York City… ok really just Bethenny Frankel and her fascinating interviews all involving her now famous Skinny Girl Margaritas. How can I express my sincere love for this woman without coming across like Elizabeth Barrett Browning?  I can’t… so let me count the ways.

  1. Bethenny Frankel is probably the only truly relatable housewife on the series (New York that is). I mean, who else on the show can relate to not having enough cab fare to get from point A to B?
  2. Bethenny is a completely self-made success. While the other women married there ways into penthouses, Bethenny turning healthy cupcakes and low calorie cocktails into a now fledgling empire. Really you have to get on a list to by ONE bottle of the Skinny Girl Margarita, and I am dying to try it.
  3. Who else can lose baby weight that fast?
  4. Who else can make Alex from the Real Housewives of NYC seem like a normal/ nice person?
  5. She doesn’t need the other housewives or the franchise to stay a massive success.

All in all, Bethenny is a pretty hot mama, and should really be considered as a host for SNL. You think I’m kidding? I highly suggest you watch her video parodies of nearly every one of her cast mates from Real Housewives… really, this woman has impeccable  comedic timing and is destined to become the next… well, there really hasn’t been anyone like her yet, so watch out!