OK- So the title has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Why!? To get your attention! I haven’t written a real post in quite some time, and now that I have this handy dandy new Macbook, I intend to use it. So here we go.
I posted a short blurb yesterday that pretty much summed up my summer. What happened exactly? Quite a bit actually, and also… A LOT of nothing!
I died my hair platinum blonde two days before my 23rd birthday this past June, kept it a month and shaved my head a couple of weeks before school started so no one was the wiser. Unless of course you happen to be one of the 1,063 “friends” of mine on Facebook who can actually view the 5-10 pictures taken of me during this time. In that case you probably already approached me (that is if we are on speaking terms) about whether or not it was a wig. It wasn’t, it hurt like hell, and while I enjoyed a record 13 dates, and 5 salmon dinners I was taken on during my month of solving the age old question “do blondes have more fun?” I’ve definitely had my share.

A couple of weeks before my hairventure, I was in what I like to refer to as a guerilla theatre production of “Into The Woods” as Rapunzel’s Prince. Now you may be wondering “Guerilla theatre…What could that possibly be?” Well let’s just say we didn’t have the rights to the production, but still had the guts to open for a weekend at Shetler Studios… right next door to Sondheim on Sondheim (on Broadway). For reasons I don’t necessarily want to discuss, our production was mentioned in the New York Post as an off-off Broadway production- go figure. The production was headed by my good friend Matt Anchel; an amazing bass baritone who is now spending the next two years as a member of the prestigious Domingo-Thornton Young Artist Program at the Los Angeles Opera. Matt has been known to show off his skillful falsetto from time to time not just on the karaoke stage or while entertaining his guests at the piano, but in actual productions such as Sweeney Todd where he played Mrs. Lovett. In our production of Into the Woods, he played a uniquely powerful yet fantastic Witch. We opened a week after school let out to sold out performances (of 40+ people 😉

While the production marked the end of another school year and the beginning of my first New York summer. It also allowed me to spend more time with some of my closest friends, and make some new ones. I was more than thrilled to share the stage with Molly Spooner who played an effervescent Little Red, and stole nearly every scene she was in. Likewise, I became a huge fan of Whitney Hughes and her incredible comedic timing as Jack’s mother… not to mention her AMAZING homemade chicken soup.

Into the Woods may be nearly every fairy tale we grew up loving, but it deals with some very heavy subject matter, including loss. About a month and a half ago, we almost lost one of our beloved cast members. I won’t say who or how, just that luckily, this person is still with us, and if there is one lesson that I learned from being in this show, it is that NO ONE IS ALONE. I’m so lucky to have those beautiful people I mentioned above in my life, because they remind me every day of the fact that when the going gets tough, we will always have each other, and no problem or secret is too big to share. So I leave you with 2 videos, one from our production, and another by Bernadette Peters. Love to you all.


Molly Spooner, Matt Anchel, Patrick James, Rachel Felstein and Tom Magill sing “Your Fault” and “The Last Midnight
Bernadette Peters sings “No One is Alone” from Into the Woods