Why is it that every time fall term begins, it becomes more and more difficult to start with it? Maybe it’s the feeling that we are all still in the proverbial hamster wheel; running as fast as we can without a finish line in sight. It’s this mentality that leads to fatigue, stress and ultimately missing that Friday morning class for the second week in a row (thank you alarm clock for beeping oh softly). Or maybe it’s that desperate need to hold onto those carefree days of summer. As the air cools, and the sun begins to set earlier with each passing week, I find myself beginning to miss those now seemingly distant midweek outings, midnight trips to Brooklyn, and 4:00 am croque monsieur with old and new friends after the now all too familiar going away soiree for that occasional friend who has luckily found his place life. As those of you who live in New York City know… a lot can happen in just a few short months; lives are created and lost, relationships forged and broken and the occasional monumental self-discovery made.